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Taoist Funeral Service Package

Taoist Funeral Service Package – What is a Taoist Funeral Service Package?

A Taoist funeral is typically a somber affair, with few guests in attendance. The focus is on honoring the deceased and ensuring that their spirit has a smooth transition to the afterlife. After the funeral service, the coffin is buried or cremated and the family offers prayers and tributes at the gravesite or memorial altar.

Taoist rites also includes burning of offering paper money and other items that the deceased may need in the afterlife.

The funeral rites are usually conducted over a three-day period, but may be extended to seven days if the deceased was an esteemed individual or if the family is able to afford it. On the seventh day, a final memorial service is held and the spirit of the deceased is believed to depart from this world.


What does it mean to Pre Plan your Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore?

Pre-Planning your funeral is a very personal thing. Some older generations people find it inauspicious or “Pan Tang” to do any form of funeral planning.

But for the younger generation, this has become more popular and common.

You get to make the plan and choices of how you will be cremated and where you will be placed.

For your very own funeral service, you get to decide how you want it to be, any special choice of processions.


What are some of the common features of a Taoist Funeral Service?

Pallbearers will bring in the body, where it will be placed to rest for 3 or 5 days usually.

At the service, eulogies will be given and also some chanting when it comes to the Taoist Funeral.

For many Taoist Funerals, burning of offerings is a very common thing as well.

For the last couple of days, there will also be some processions involving the children and grandchildren of those who have passed.


You get to decide what you really want and even pre pay for it first

Sometimes, you may not have communicated with your family or love ones about your funeral arrangements.

The cost of a funeral can be anywhere from $10,000 onwards and maybe you do not want to burden your family.

You may have some special arrangement for what you want to do or decorate your funeral.

Pre-Paying is one of the good plans where you do not pass the funeral burden on to your loved ones.


You get to decide the location

Most people in Singapore stay in HDBs, so naturally, the void deck at the ground floor of your flat will likely be where the funerals will be held.

For someone, they prefer funeral homes or religious locations.

You could also purchase the packages where you get to use the Nirvana Memorial Garden location for your funeral service.

Nirvana Memorial Garden will ensure that the body of the deceased is done with accordance to Taoist rites and also prayers are done as per Taoist requirements.


Nirvana Singapore is one of the top providers of Taoist Funeral Service Package in Singapore.

If you require pre-planning help for this, or will like to find out more about Funeral Niches or do a small visit, do speak to us!


Taoist Funeral Service Package