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Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium or 富贵山庄 Fu Gui Shan Zhuang is Singapore’s first columbarium to be privatized. It integrates traditional Chinese culture with contemporary architecture and design. Working with Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism teachings to achieve the goal of  preserving time-honoured rituals while advancing the quality of afterlife care services. Beautifully designed suites with classy looking funeral niches and ancestral pedestals. We also assist with Buddhist & Taoist Funeral Rites. You’re welcome to visit Nirvana Singapore 富贵山庄 Fu Gui Shan Zhuang.

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Singapore Funeral Services, Columbarium Niches, Prayer Services, Ancestral Pedestal/Tablets for your loved ones.

Niches & Ancestral Pedestal

Niches & Ancestral Pedestals in Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium (富贵山庄) are placed in quiet, air conditioned and beautiful suites that give you privacy and comfort when visiting your loved ones. Only the best for the loved ones that have passed is the highest form of filial piety.

Funeral Service & Preparations

For the Chinese, there may be many rituals that you need to watch out for. Let us assist you with your Buddhist Funeral Services or Taoist Funeral Services. Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden provides high quality funeral services that follows the religious requirements that you may not be aware of. Funeral Service Packages for Pre-Planning of funeral are also available.

Helping You Plan

Pre planning or Afterlife Planning is about making your after life decisions before hand to ensure you have the plans you like it. Get your Ancestral Pedestal and Niches ready before you pass and make things easier for your descendants. Afterlife Planning can make things a lot easier for your descendants and also you know that you will get things the way you want it. Let us pre-plan for you with the facilities and support of Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium (富贵山庄).

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